8058 - Pinnacle New Soft Golf Balls
DescriptionNew Soft Ball!

Now in 15 Ball Packs!

The Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball has been advanced to provide improved accuracy and distance, while delivering a softer feel on all shots.

Designed for competitive value conscious golfers seeking long, accurate distance with superior quality, the new Pinnacle Gold Golf Ball features a soft responsive Ionomer cover and high speed, soft compression core.

A high coverage 392 Icosahedral dimple design provides consistent ball flight with a flatter trajectory for long distance.

Benefits :-
Long Distance With Soft Feel on All Shots.
Short Game Control.
Flatter Trajectory for Long Distance.
Promotes Better Putting Accuracy.

Features :-
High Speed, Soft Compression Core.
Soft, Responsive Ionomer Cover.
392 Icosahedral Dimple Design.

All Golf Balls are packed into three ball card sleeves.

Minimum Order is 3 Boxes (3 x 15 balls).

Outer Pack Size : Fifteen Ball Packs.
Colours : White and Pink.
Print Area : 24mm Diameter.Product Options
Golf Ball Colours
  • Pink
  • White
Pinnacle New Soft Golf Balls